NS Government Announces Framework for Advancing Social Enterprise

On Wednesday, April 12th the Government of Nova Scotia gave formal recognition to the thriving social enterprise sector in our province, releasing the official Framework for Advancing Social Enterprise in conjunction with SENNS's Sector Strategy. In doing so, they take a significant step forward in creating true prosperity across our province.

"This Provincial Framework and Sector Strategy represent the most progressive and well thought out social enterprise policy in the country, showing Nova Scotia’s position as a center of excellence for social enterprise development in Canada and marking the beginning of leveling the playing field for all business types. 
In every corner of our province you can see people and organizations building and running businesses that create social, cultural, and environmental value. This is social enterprise. It is not a new business model. It is not a fad. It is here to stay." - Cathy Deagle-Gammon, President, SENNS

To read the official framework and sector strategy visit this link.



Media Contacts:

Maria Wamboldt

SENNS, Secretariat Communications Coordinator

902-407-0822 ext 101



Government Introduces New Business Designation

From the Government of Nova Scotia:

June 15, 2016 9:52 AM

New and existing social enterprises now have the choice to apply for designation as a Community Interest Company.

Effective today, June 15, legislation and regulations allow businesses formed under the Companies Act to be designated as a Community Interest Company. These companies will have characteristics of both businesses and non-profits, combining entrepreneurship with a social purpose.

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Preliminary Social Enterprise Survey Results

The 2014 social enterprise survey in Nova Scotia (authored by Common Good Solutions), created and completed in partnership with ENP Canada, Mont Royal and Simon Fraser Universities, identified over 1,170 social enterprises in the province. Valid survey responses were received from 232 social enterprises, and preliminary results are available.

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Buy Social Canada – What is it?

In April 2015, Common Good Solutions, with Accelerating Social Enterprise CCC Ltd., Open Door Ventures and Realize Co-op launched Buy Social Canada, a marketing brand to help buyers to identify legitimate social enterprises and social purpose businesses and accordingly make purchases that benefit our local communities.  Read on for more info about social purchasing, and how you can get involved in Buy Social.

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Scaling Up Doesn’t Always Equal Scaling Impact

Scaling up a social enterprise can be an effective way to increase impact. But in Canada, it’s more the exception than it is the rule, says Andy Horsnell. “When I think of scaling up, I think of the global south,” explains the social enterprise consultant with Common Good Solutions in Nova Scotia.

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