Based on the pillars developed by the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, the Social Enterprise Network of Nova Scotia will focus its work on the following:

Skills: Enhance the entrepreneurship skills and organizational effectiveness of social enterprise practitioners (provide a spectrum of training, mentoring/coaching, professional designation program, standards of practice, venture finance literacy, board governance and finance literacy, etc.)

Capital and financing: Enhance social enterprises’ access to capital (pursue a well-developed social finance model that includes crowd funding, CEDIFs, social impact bonds and patient capital; access to equity and quasi-equity; educate social funders on social enterprise; work to make public pension funds and RRSPs social finance eligible, etc.)

Access to markets: Help to better connect social enterprises to markets (using Social Return on Investment to help open up markets, help SE to better prepare to respond to large RFPs, promotion of Buy Social Canada campaign, enhance social components of municipal, provincial and corporate procurement policies, etc.)

Demonstrate value: Communicate/demonstrate the impact of social enterprise in Nova Scotia (annual social enterprise sector report card, engage mainstream media to help to tell the story of social enterprise and its impact, help community-at-large, sector itself, corporate sector, philanthropic community, and government better understand social enterprise, etc.)

Regulatory frameworks: Work with policy makers to create a more supportive legislative and regulatory environment for social enterprise (i.e. modifications to the NS Societies Act, CIC regulations, Loan Guarantee Program and CEDIF program to better support SE, etc.)

Networks and community engagement: Build a strong network of social enterprises (help to connect the full ecosystem of players, host a bi-annual conference/workshop event, broad consultation on key issues in sector development, etc.)